Wedding Favors: Flip Flops

We know, we know: everyone has already done the flip flops as wedding favors. But, bear with us, because they’re a really good idea. Obviously, you want your guests to dance and then dance some more; that’s why you hired that amazing band and trendy DJ, right? After all, you’re throwing a fantastic party! But if you want your guests to really get down, you better make sure they’re comfortable. And high heels? They just don’t feel good.

Give your guests a good excuse to kick off their dress shoes, and party with you and your groom. And remember, everyone can always use an extra pair of flip flops!

(Dancing Shoes, Dance Some More, Have Some Fun, Dancin’ Shoes, Get Comfy)

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  • Nicky

    LOVE this idea!!

  • pntszdinFluence

    While I love the idea and think its cool that the bride wants her guests to be super comfy, I would pass on it. Have you ever danced in flip flops? No bueno. They don’t allow dancing machines aka me, to really get down. Way too much traction, not enough slip and slide. LOL.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Nanushka

    In Mexico (where I am from) it is also common to give slippers (yeah, the ones you wear in the morning or at nightime) as a weddding-dancing favor. It is a great idea and they’re more comfy than flip flops!

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