Custom Cake Toppers

The bride and groom figurines perched on top of your wedding cake are getting a makeover. Star House specializes in creating extra charming cake toppers: mini replicas of you and your spouse!

bride and groom personalized cake topper

Did we mention that Star House is run by a very sweet couple who, in addition to be beng artists and parents, are also a teacher (her), carpenter (him) and organic farmers (both her and him)?!

bike cake topper

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  • napkinwizard

    Cute, however I like to see couple in a convertible car. Like John and Olivia in Grease. This look like they went broke after the wedding :)

  • Erwien

    Hi Sian I was the opposite to Kerry. Before I had the kids I bugegd the life out of Ed about marriage as I felt left out as all my mates were marrying after 5 minutes. I also had no direction in life, going from crap job to even crapper job.Now, marriage is so far out of my mind and I no longer feel like my life is missing something. I also know that I don’t want to go through life doing jobs I hate with someone bossing me around all day, and miss out on my kids in the process. I want to progress with my writing, as its something I love and I can still fit my children in around it.Hope that’s what they’re looking for