Silver Wedding Color Palette

color palette silver liningOkay, we admit it; we have no idea what’s going on in this photo. But the dresses sure are beautiful! And as far as we’re concerned, the color silver doesn’t get enough play at weddings. What’s more elegant than a silver wedding?

(Image via The Couture Atelier)

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  • Andrea Eppolito

    Love this. Clean and modern and elegant. I always admire couples that commit to a color wash like this – Really defines the event! You have to wonder which of these women is the bride…It could be any of them! I like to think it is the 4th from the left. That liquid, metallic dress is such a standout!

  • Janice Celeste

    Fashion is my passion and this is from Chanel resort I believe. I love Chanel. The dresses coming out this season are to die for. I want to re-do my wedding just to wear the dress and to have the party, oh and to re-commit to my love Michael too! LOL!

  • Anika

    I absolutely LOVE to use silver as an accent…and especially in place of the additional bling some brides think will add more pop to their decor. There is nothing that bounces happy light around a room like silver all while adding a lush sense of luxury to the scene. Silver is something I use in my personal spaces for thise reason too. LOVE, Love, love it!

  • napkinwizard

    I’ll take the forth in silver as my bride. I love the silver color. I think they are so elegant looking.