Urban Engagement Photo Shoot

Who says graffiti can’t be romantic?

alissa and scott
alissa and scott 2
Images via: Brooklyn Bride

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    This graffiti wall thing is a bit overdone by now. Search Google Images for “wedding photos graffiti wall” and it returns 6,940,000 results. That’s right – almost seven million of them.

    Considering that there are only about two million marriages a year in the U.S. that’s a heck of a lot of graffiti themed wedding photos. It’s today’s version of yesteryear’s “Bride-Stares-Fondly-At-Bouquet-While-Groom-Stands-10-Feet-Behind-Her-Looking-On” stock shot.

    What’s romantic is not the graffiti – but the couple. And the photographer’s ability to create an environment where the couple open up and permit the photographer to sensitively observe and record their private world and the way they feel about each other in the manner they express their love.

    The graffiti distracts the eye from that story. Replaces it with the routine shot of the day.

    Obviously, to really nail emotions and feelings involves a different process to get there other than having a decorative background. That’s why I list 10 essential tips about getting great wedding photos like that on my site for brides and grooms who prefer seeing their genuine feelings in their photos and not merely being handed yet another cookie-cutter copy of the trend of the day.