Preston’s Bud Vase Napkin Rings

Preston Bailey OpenSky Bud Vase Napkin Rings

Do you know about OpenSky? It’s a social networking site for shopping, and Preston is one of their stylish curators. Sign up for free and follow Preston: every week he’ll send you an email with a handpicked item he loves and how to use it. You’ll get first purchasing dibs at up to 60% off, which means you get to bring some of Preston’s fabulous style into your own home at affordable prices.

This week, Preston’s pick is a set of bud vase napkin ringsIf you sign up now, you’ll have access to this unique set, which is also on sale.

Preston Bailey OpenSky Bud Vase Napkin Rings

When it comes to entertaining guests at home, Preston’s motto is: “Special but not stressful!”

Picking up a bouquet of fresh flowers and using cloth napkins instead of paper are two practically effortless ways to make a low-key dinner party feel special. But this week’s product takes that idea one charming step further; these handblown glass napkin rings double as bud vases!

Slip a pretty cloth napkin through each ring, carefully fill the rings with water and then put a small cluster of flowers in the vase of each ring. And voila, every guest gets their own personal flower arrangement! Now that’s special.

Preston Bailey OpenSky Bud Vase Napkin Rings

Check out all of Preston’s wonderful ideas and purchase your napkin rings (on sale!) here.

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  • Jordan Stätz

    Shut the front door! Those are fabulous!

  • Rowaida Flayhan

    What a beautiful and fabulous idea love these napkin holders

  • Rebecca Lang

    O-M-G! LOVE IT! Just got an idea for my Christmas party!