Wedding Dress: A Floral Pattern

floral pattern wedding dress

floral pattern wedding dress

Is it just us or are Australian brides especially charming and creative? We love the delicate blue flowered print on this wedding dress and, yet, it’s still white and still feels appropriately bridal. Lovely!

(Photos by FellowFellow and Bec Johnson Photography)

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  • http://YOURWEBSITE Vicki

    Does anyone know where to get this divine material I LOVE IT

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  • Mary @ dear-to-me

    Hi Vicki,

    Sorry to be coming in so late, but this is actually me in the pictures! This was my wedding at the end of 2011. I found the material at Gardams in Brisbane, Australia, and had my gown made. I would suggest Alla Moda fabrics, if you are in Brisbane.

    Good luck!

    Thank you Preston Bailey for featuring my gown (that I LOVED) on your blog!

    Mary x