Goldfish Wedding Centerpiece

This wedding centerpiece is certainly entertaining — just so long as the goldfish don’t start dying midway through your reception!

And how about some fish favors? If we did this, we’d send the fish home with guests at the end of the night.

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    I’ve see this done before a few times. At the end of the night the bride/coordinator is scrambling to get people to take them home. No one wants the responsibility! It just depresses me to see this. I always wondered what happened to them!

  • J

    People need to ensure that the flower used is not poisonous to the fish!

  • Ani Kitsinian

    We did this last year for a baby shower. It was a nautical theme and a huge success. I will try to send you photos. Although, I have to say it was funny and sad at the same time. We bought a huge amount of gold fish a day or two before the event. Who knew that you had to condition the water before you put the fish in it because of the amount of chlorine and minerals in tap water. So we had many fatalities on our hands and had to scramble to buy more right before the event. You live and learn.

  • Camelia Minisan

    i’ve seen this before, but i still like it!

  • ivan

    Nice idea, but I pity the outcome for the fish after the event.

  • kenju

    I once did decor for a 50′s party and they wanted goldfish for some of the tables. I refused to take responsibility for them, so the planner sent an assistant out to buy the fish. She put them in cold water straight out of the tap and killed all of them (about 50). I was appalled at the stupidity. At the end of the night, NO ONE wanted any of the replacement fish, so they flushed them down the toilet. That is unconscionable!

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