Ribbon Bridal Bouquets

Add color and flair to your wedding bouquet with ribbons!

Plaid and Pastel Ribbon Bridal Bouquet

ribbon bridal bouquetRibbon and Lace Bridal Bouquet as photographed by Photographer Melissa Munding

black and white ribbon bridal bouquetBlack and White Ribbon Bridal Bouquet from the Ritzy Bee Blog

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  • http://YOURWEBSITE Wanda Thompson

    I prefer flowers. The ribbons can be pretty from a distance until you get right in front of them.Then they look disappointing. You really have to work much harder to make them look good.

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/DragonflyExpression Chantal Larocque

    These ribbon bouquets are just beautiful!

    I know a thing or two about other alternatives to flowers for bridal bouquets! Since I’m a paper flower designer…I find more and more brides-to-be considering handmade paper flowers bouquet for their special day! They are timeless…Imagine if your wedding bouquet looked as great today as it did on The Big Day! Some of the floral arrangements can look priceless in beautiful shadow boxes as keepsakes!

    Check out my blog to view some of my paper flower creations: http://dragonflyexpression.blogspot.com/

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Ramona

    Since the beginnig of time WE have been pulled towards using flowers in human ceremonys. Flowers are the highest expression a plant can produce the entire life cycle of a plant and all of its energy is used to produce a bloom. Each plant has its particular traits and needs to reproduce and thrive. Very specific pollenators are needed and great care in developing the proper lure. Flowers are the lure. They are the reproductive organs. They represnt attraction, abundance, fleeting sweet moments for nature and for US. nothing will ever take the place of these delicate gifts from GOD.

  • http://www.gloweventdesign.com Christina Millikin

    @Wanda – I tend to agree with you. Ribbons look great in photo shoots, but in person they can be disappointing and hard to keep “fluffed.” However, I love picture #2! Using ribbon accents in a floral bouquet is a nice compromise, and makes it more unique.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE dianat

    hmmm…..I might sound rude, but I do explain to clients that “there is no point on using painted fabric in you hands–as bridal bouquet. This applies to ribbon bouquet and artificial flowers. Yet, Artificial flowers may have some excuse for people being really allergic, but still a great quality is expected and it has to blend with all the fresh flowers in the wedding.” My brides deserve “the best”, thats why advice to cut wherever we can but invest more in her bouquet…its super special and it will be in 95% of the wedding pictures, you want to be proud of your decisions all your life.

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