Copper Wedding Bouquet

Whoa. Would you carry a copper bouquet on your wedding day?

Refinerii makes these twisted metal bouquets for the artistically inclined bride. We don’t think we’d be able to help ourselves — we’d want to add lots of flowers!

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  • @IOGeventdesign

    It is very unique and definitely gives you an artistic feel but I have to admit I love flowers in a bridal bouquet. Flowers added to this look could soften the feel and make it more romantic but not take away the unique art of it…now THAT I would love to see1

  • Ronni Johnaton

    Had a bride years ago have a metal themed wedding…related to hubbys career. She had metal invites. She would have loved this. Guess i was too limited in my ideas, we used flowers in tussy mussies.

  • Shannon Palmer

    I would put flowers in it as well!

  • Pam Archer

    Not a fan…at all!

  • Tami Zachman

    I love it. It definently isn’t for everyone, but……….. for the right bride, it works!

  • http://1800flowersamendola Virginia

    What would the matching grooms bout. look like????

  • Heather Chesnet

    I would add metal sculpted flowers… not alot, just a few… would soften it up and make it more clear that it is a bouquet. I love the idea though, very creative :-)

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  • I Love My Planner

    It would take a special bride to pull off a copper bouquet. Definitely unique and creative. I’m more of a flower person myself but it’s a neat option. :)

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Kelly

    Okay, seriously LOVING this. Now, if only it didn’t cost $200+. Sigh. Guess that’s just the price you gotta pay for for creativity though. Lovely.

  • Julie

    Yes we did a bouquet like that last year ,it had a steam punk feel to it.