The White Tuxedo

Now here’s something we haven’t seen in ages and ages: the white tuxedo! What do you think? Do we want the white tuxedo to make a comeback?

white wedding tuxedo phil chester wedding photo groom style

Personally, we’re not so sure about the white tux, but one thing we know we like is this bride’s beautiful train.

white wedding tuxedo phil chester wedding photo groom style

(Wedding photos by photographers Sean Flanigan and Phil Chester)

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  • http://@indiradfodor Indira Ovalles de Fodor

    I prefered the the traditional tuxedo black!! But whit white tie, inside white!!! Outside black!!! :p jeje!! But if the wedding is in the morning we can thing about it!!!

  • Loribeth

    No, no, no, no, no! Tuxedos should not be white!!! If the groom wants to wear a white dinner jacket with black trousers, that’s okay… But NOT an all white tuxedo! sorry…that’s just so 1980′s!!

  • Tanya Malott

    I think tuxedos of any color are overdressing on the beach….wrong outfit for the environment. I much prefer a more casual look on the beach (though who knows if the reception is in a fancy club off the beach…). Linen suit if you must go as far as a suit…even just linen shirts over pale trousers look appropriate. Chic at the beach is much more casual and effortless. Anything else looks uncomfortable, and seems to be trying too hard. The women are barefoot, so why not the men too? I feel sorry for the guys in jackets and ties under the hot sun.

  • Tanya Malott

    If these people are going off the beach for the reception, then this look works. Hard to tell from just these photos.