Custom Wedding Dress and Train

custom chanel knock off wedding dress peter kappen

custom chanel knock off wedding dress peter kappen

custom chanel knock off wedding dress peter kappenThis bride is an artist and had her wedding dress custom made. Isn’t it striking? What a train!

See more photos from this wedding by photographer Peter Kappen here.

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  • http://YOURWEBSITE diana

    sorry to disappoint my opinion, but its truly a mess. if i have seen this dress anywhere but wedding site. i would have never thought it was a bridal gown. though, I still think that people want to be different and sometimes are not very successful at that.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Sandy

    It isn’t something I would wear, but I can tell she loves it. In the top photo she looks so confident in it, I love the half smile on her face. If it makes the Bride feel wonderful then I say it’s amazing!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Jolie

    I think the church may have reminded her of churches seen in Flemish paintings. If she is attempting a fusion of modern homage to van Eyck, Vermeer & Caravaggio then I think she did a magnificent job! The scarlet red also reminds me of Rubens. I’m sure the still portraits are amazing.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Sabrina

    Love this! So unique and probably reflects her personality. Don’t know why people feel the need to conform, but the best weddings are those that truly reflect who the bride and groom are.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Nahla Z

    I don’t like it at all, but that’s just my opinion. Perhaps the piece of material meant something to someone close to her. But to be brutally honest it doesn’t suit the dress at all, maybe a bow at the waist would have been more subtle. She looks beautiful though.

  • Navjot Kaur

    It is detail oriented dress. It had three pieces but her top did not complement her fit. If she had shorten the length of her top with a clasic neckline then would have been better. The colors in train did not tie in well. May the tie dye fabric incorporated into the shirt would have done a just and highlight the design concept.