Bouquet Alternative: Asparagus

It’s asparagus season right now, and there’s nothing we enjoy more than getting a fresh bunch at our farmer’s market for dinner. But an asparagus bouquet? Now there’s something we never thought of!

Asparagus tops are just leafy enough to look almost floral, especially when adorned with little white flowers.

What do you think?

(Photos by photographer Kelly Hornberger)

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  • La Bella Planners

    Beautiful! Such a great way to keep costs down. Love.

  • Larissa Parks

    I love this idea! Also great for ‘green’ conscious couples.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Cheryl D. Cokley

    I love this idea! It’s fresh, simple, and perfect for those humid outdoor ceremonies in the south.

  • Shannon/Flourish

    They are lovely! But sorry, not asparagus. Those flowers are Star of Bethlehem.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Adagio Events

    Thank you, Shannon. I knew those were way too pale to be asparagus. And asparagus doesn’t blossom like that.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Milagros

    This flowers are so beautiful, but they are not asparagus they are Ornithogalum Thyrsoides, commonly known as the Chinkerinchee or Chinks. In Mexico we know it as “Estrella de Belen”. Hugs

  • Like it!

    What a novel idea. Who would have thought of it?

  • Sarah Ducker

    What a great idea and a brilliant way to utilise asparagus it brings it into a new dimension.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Camilla McFee Lyle

    I think this is NOT asparagus, it is Star of Bethlehem or Ornithogalum Umbalatum. Just had to point it out. people in the trade should not make this kind of mistake.

  • Meg

    This is Chincherinchee a common wedding flower, the white flowers grow up the head of the flower which does look a little like asparagus…Do you really think someone would use asparagus as a wedding flower???? I wouldnt recommend eating chin chins…:)