Beautiful Floating Candles

These floating candles would be a perfect decoration for your bridal shower or your actual wedding ceremony. We think that they would look lovely along the aisle for a fall or rustic wedding with a few petals alongside to soften the branches in the vases. What do you think?


floating candles preston bailey designs

(Photo courtesy of Centro Garden)

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  • Lotoya Vongrechin

    I really like the simplicity. These have so much texture with branches and rocks. I could use this look for a wedding this winter.

  • Alpha Prosperity – Houston Wedding Planner

    This is great affirmation. We are using this exact design minus the crystals, for a February wedding. The simplicity and rustic elegance is a fabulous combination.

  • Mireille Amin

    I love it. I’m doing trees theme decoration next week and will definetly use this one instead of having stones in water. Thank you for the inspiration :)